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Barron's, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Jim Cramer, Bloomberg, Money Magazine, Investor's Business Daily and on and can't listen to everyone. Learn a proven trading system and then follow our trading strategies. It's easy. If it were as simple as listening to someone on TV and then clicking a mouse, then everyone would be rich. But, only those who use a proven trading system are rich, and they don't want you to know how simple trading can be - if you have the power of information on your side. At StockTradeGenius, we give you the power. We teach a proven trading method through our video tutorials, we show you how we make our stock and options selections, and we even will provide stock tips and trading advice so that you can follow along with our stock trading portfolios and recommendations.

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Welcome to! Stock trading can be very profitable and challenging at the same time. Stocks are priced based on active bidding between buyers and sellers. Our proven stock trading system works! And if you take the time to use it, YOU CAN make money consistently trading in the stock market. Learn how to trade stocks the right way! We have free education, coaching, newsletters and updates here and the support to get you where you are consistently making money in the stock market. We provide traders with everything they need to know about a proven system for generating success in the stock market. We also provide stock options training, tips and strategies, the same trading information used by private hedge funds, day-trading, technical analysis, stock charts, options strategies, covered-calls and other stock trading information.

Success Story

Seagate (STX) success! $114,300 profit… On January 24, 2013, we entered into a trade on Seagate Technology (STX) ($36 per share) – they make computer hard drives. (Ever wonder where all those Facebook pictures are being stored?) On July 12th, 6 months later, it was worth $46.50. A 29% return on the stock, but since we had 180 Jan-14 $35 Call options, the position made 212.4% turning $101,700 into $216,000 (less commissions). If you were a Silver member, you would have seen this trade. Watch the video analysis of the stock here… By the way, there was a lot more to this trade. As fate would have it, STX began going down after we bought it, so we hedged our position on the way down by selling calls against the position and using the proceeds to buy some puts. So, as the stock declined into the 20s, we didn’t have to sell because we weren’t getting hurt – gaining on the puts and the short calls and losing on the long calls. So, we eventually covered our short calls, and sold our puts, and then the stock began its steady climb. There were lots of other intricacies to modify the position, but you get the idea. And…they are not all like this. We lose money too, and we just try to keep our losses small.

Analysis of the Seagate trade: